Thomas G. Andersen & Sebastian Skov Regeser felt that many new watch brands were being different by being very modern in their expressions or push into the fashion market with price as the differentiator. So their own desire of buying classic designs with a luxury feel was hard to satisfy without paying the luxury cost of the big brands.They therefore wanted to make big classic designs with a minimalistic expression and small vintage details, all at an ‘affordable luxury’ category - a fast growing segment.

With a vision to be relevant today, tomorrow and beyond, their focus is to make simple yet spectacular timepieces for the everyday gent.

For them, Vintage is not just a reference of style - it is the journey to becoming it. The journey (life) will take you through eventful moments and memorable days to occasions that change your whole perspective. We hope that one day your watch will make you look back at it all.

At About Vintage, they strive to make pieces where simplicity and balance are key, combining classic vintage details with small modern elements. With this approach their designs have a coherent and classic look, while offering different expressions to fit individual desires. To name each model, they look back in time to find important moments in the history of the watch to acknowledge those milestones.

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